Welcome Everyone!

Hello13934921_10205455724307562_7167788533706444315_n beautiful people! My name is Keyla Rodriguez and I am a Human Resource Professional for the City of Lawrence, a certified Notary Public, a part-time college student at Northern Essex Community College, and occasionally, a caretaker (though I am trying to build some more credible experience in that field)! I also consider myself a poet, artist, maker of thingsidealist, dreamer, community activist (possibly?), adventure seeker, travel junkie, and now, a blogger? Through life’s wonderful, and most times, unexpected adventures, my so-far-twenty-three-years-of-life have been nothing short of amazing! I thought starting up a blog could be a great way for others to read the way I perceive the world- though some people may not agree- that’s okay, and to share my resume via le’ social media/internet! As accessible as the internet is now a days, it would be silly not to use this platform as a means to advertise my skill set/profile! I hope you all enjoy my resume and occasional blogging schpeals!